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About Us


Ladyfest Ten is a not-for-profit, independent arts festival, hosted by an open collective of volunteers and enthusiasts and aimed at celebrating and promoting women’s creativity and talents. 2010 is the tenth anniversary of the first ever Ladyfest. We want to celebrate ten years of this global DIY movement by running an event which brings together artists and activists from all corners of the world.

Ladyfest Ten takes place from Friday 12th until Sunday 14th November across various North London venues including The Relentless Garage, The Horatia and the Holloway Resource Centre, with a programme including music, literature, arts, craft, comedy, cabaret and much, more more. For full line-up details, to buy your ticket or to get involved, please follow the links in the navigation bar above.



The first ever Ladyfest was held ten years ago in Olympia, Washington USA on the 1-6 August 2000 at the tail end of the influential Riot Grrrl scene. Bands that performed included Sleater-Kinney, Bratmobile, Bangs and a very youthful Gossip.

Since then, hundreds of Ladyfests have been held all over the world including Pavia, London, Brisbane, New Orleans, Lansing, Vilnius, Santos-Brazil, Toronto, Wellington, San Francisco, Madrid and Berlin.

Each Ladyfest is organised locally and independently of other Ladyfests by volunteers and proceeds from the festival are donated to a non-profit organisation.



With Ladyfest Ten, we want to celebrate ten years of international diversity, support and discourse amongst feminist communities, comprised of artists, musicians, creatives and activists. In hosting this festival, we aim to:

10. Provide an original platform for iconic, established and emerging artists, comedians, musicians, filmmakers, thinkers, performers, crafters, writers, poets, dancers and more.

9. Highlight the continuing social, political and artistic impact and influence of DIY culture.

8. Continue to identify and engage with global feminisms.

7. Establish and strengthen connectivity across international Ladyfest movements.

6. Acknowledge our roots in diverse and inclusive counter-cultures.

5. Be a resource and point of inspiration, advocating the need for alternative role models.

4. Promote and develop participation and voluntary action as tools to empower individuals and communities.

3. Challenge established ideals, perceptions and boundaries through championing transgressive activism.

2. Encourage and support future evolutions/revolutions by building a positive legacy.

1. Celebrate the tenth birthday of Ladyfest in style: “If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution”

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