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In the run-up to and during Ladyfest Ten, there’s lots of items we’ll need to make the festival the biggest and best it can be. Although we’ve organised a series of successful fundraising events to help finance the festival, Ladyfest Ten is non-profit and coordinated entirely by a collective of volunteers. So, the more help we receive, the more money raised from ticket sales to ultimately be donated to charity.

So, if you might be able to help us with any of the below, we’d love to hear from you!


We need:

  • Air miles
    To get our musicians and other artists travelling from faraway places to London as cheaply as possible!
  • Rider sponsorship
    From booze to soft drinks, if you look after food or drink brands you may be the answer to our prayers…
  • Transport
    To get our performers, artwork, equipment and other bits and bobs from place to place, we’ll need vans, courier companies and taxi drivers.
  • Paper and printing services
    Think your business or office might be happy to donate any excess stationery, or the use of a printer and photocopier so we can print programmes, set lists and signage? Get in touch!
  • Hotel accommodation
    To accommodate our internationally-recognised musicians and other artists.
  • Meals for artists
    To make sure their performances at Ladyfest Ten are up to scratch, we need to keep the bands fed, watered and happy. If you run or represent a restaurant, café or other food brand based in North London, we want to hear from you.
  • Plain t-shirts, tote bags and textile printing services
    So we can make some marvellous Ladyfest Ten merchandise and rustle up further funds for charity, and also make t-shirts to identify our volunteers so everyone can be safe, informed and happy during the festival.
  • Backline
  • Projector & screen
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